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if you are under 18:

  • your nudes are child pornography 
  • people you send them to can be charged with possession of child pornography
  • you can be charged with distribution of child pornography 
  • don’t take nudes

This is not about body shaming, this is not about ‘telling you what to do with your sexuality’ this is literally a federal crime don’t fuck with the law okay.

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Iconic Disney characters gender bended.

Ariel, Cruella, Maleficent, Pocahantas, Elsa, Ursula, Aurora, and Snow White as guys. Hades and Jack Frost as girls. 


Hot Damn

Pocahantas tho 

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Video of the century.

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1,000 lbs. of Marijuana Inside Truck Leaving Evacuated Neighborhood

EL DORADO COUNTY (FOX40) - A simple traffic stop of a truck leaving an evacuated neighborhood during the King Fire resulted in a big drug bust.

A k-9 officer helped officers find 1,000 pounds of marijuana inside the truck, resulting in felony arrests.

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Shakira, Shakira.

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i didn’t do a single thing i was supposed to over break


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