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guess who’s back…

back again…

Potter’s back…

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guess who’s back 

guess who’s back 

guess who’s back 

guess who’s back 

guess who’s back 

guess who’s back 

quess who’s back 

guess who’s back 


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what if though 

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Harry Potter Call Me Maybe

just watch it’s worth it 

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Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge. Day 1.

Favorite Book: Order of the Phoenix


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my mother while watching Deathly Hallows

mom: Harry Potter and his friends never use the bathroom. They are out in the woods for days, and never pee. Why? They don't even talk about it.
me: i'll just stay here and sob.
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he’s just pumping gas…yet he still manages to be the most attractive human being on the planet. HOW. 

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So look what I got today guys. 

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The giant book I have, “Harry Potter Page To Screen,” will teach me everything I need to know about becoming a great actress.

seriously this is incredible. 

this will be the secret to my success. 

when I’m famous and someone asks me where I learned it all I will just say “I read this giant 30 pound book 249248240920948230984092 times.”

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