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People I wouldn’t mind marrying.

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he’s just pumping gas…yet he still manages to be the most attractive human being on the planet. HOW. 

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Tom Felton: I'm your husband you were in a car accident.
Me: ok
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I can’t even believe today happened. I really met Tom Felton. This is so surreal.

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Mr. Felton and I. 

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The Tom Felton Weekend.

My friend Hunter began our adventure to Orlando Florida on Friday morning. Upon arrival, we went to Universal. It was boring. lol. We hung out all night in City Walk, excited for the next day. HARRY POTTER WORLD! When we came back to our hotel late at night from City Walk, I saw this tiki stand that had this big black fuzzy thing on top. I thought it looked like Gene Simmon’s hair, so I said “WOAH! It’s Gene Simmons!” The only people around were my friend, my mother & step dad, and this guy in a jacket. We all laughed and the guy said “I was about to say, I don’t think he’s here tonight. I would know, I’,m head of security.” So my mom jokingly said “Haha, what if Tom was here?” and the guy replies “Not tonight he’s not…but tomorrow he will be.” I thought I would piss my pants. My friend and I got excited and we made plans to search for him tomorrow night. But first, Harry Potter World 

I have already been, but my friend had not. Because we were staying at one of the Universal Resorts, we got to enter the park an hour early. So we ran to hp world and rode the ride twice in a row with no lines. We had butterbeer,ate breakfast in The Three Broomsticks  bought candy in Honey Dukes, and had so much fun. But nothing compared to how excited we were to look for Tom around the hotel, and meet him at Megacon the next day. 

Unfortunately, we never did find him. We searched everywhere. For hours. We sat in the loby for 2 hours, and no show. Whatever, to know that I was sleeping in the same vicinity as him was good enough for me. 

The next day my excitement was through the roof. When we got to Megacon, we quickly ran to the photo op booth to buy our tickets, then went to wait in his autograph line. We waited, and waited, and upstairs where the stars stayed, I saw him walking down. My heart started pounding out of my chest. When he walked out from behind the curtain, I began sobbing. right away. All my makeup melted off, and my friend had to give me tissues. When it was finally my turn, I pulled it together, handed him my scarf and smiled. It literally felt like ground was gone. I felt weightless. He looked up at me and said “hey there.” I said “Hey, how are you.” I could not stop smiling. He said “I am great! Am I signing this Slytherin scarf Sara?” I said “Yessir.” He said something I don’t remember about being glad it’s Slytherin or something, but I don’t quite remember. “I might need your assistance just stretch this thingy out.”  So I put my hands on the scarf centimeters from his, and he said “Where should I write this? right here?” “wherever you want.” I had no opinion on anything I was standing inches away from Tom Felton. So he signed and said “It may be a little blurry.” “that’s okay.” “As long as you’re okay with that.” I was okay with anything. So he signed To: Sara Love: Tom Felton, Draco, and drew a heart with 3 x’s. He looked up at me, smiled, shook my hand  and said “thank you sweetheart.” I don’t remember what I said. 

When the time came for the photo op, we just waited in a long line, and we walked it, there he stood, he said “Come here lovely!” put his arm around me, smiled, looked at me and said “Bye, thank you!” I said the same. Today was honestly the greatest day of my entire being. Thank you, Tom Felton for allowing me to accomplish the number one thing on my bucket list. I have never been so happy in my entire life/ 

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Me with Tom Felton. This is seriously the greatest day of my existence. He called me lovely. And sweetheart. I am beyond happy.

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So I just met Tom Felton. He signed my scarf. We talked for a few seconds. He said “I need your assistance, stretch this scarf.” so we stretched it, he signed it. We chatted a little, he shook my hand and said “bye sweetheart.” and now I’m in line for a photo with him. I am on cloud nine. I cried when he walked out. But I pulled myself together.

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3 days and I will be in the same building as Tom Felton.

So I am going to be in the same room as Tom Felton in 14 days. How am I even sleeping at night?

I mean what am I going to do?

I won’t be able to move

or speak

or breathe. 

Oh God what if I faint?

Then I will have to go to a hospital, and will miss it. 

maybe he will come. 

maybe I will be drinking from a water bottle, start choking when I see him, and he happens to be the only person who knows CPR and I get mouth to mouth. 

What if he proposes?

so many ridiculous unrealistic scenarios in my brain lol. 

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words can’t even begin to describe how much I love this picture. 

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sjhfkjlsd his tounge

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